Trends in programmatic 2021


Last year, we took it upon us to predict some of the most exciting trends we believed would dominate the programmatic advertising space in 2020.

Little did we know that a few months into the new year, the world would be turned upside down, and by the time our Face-to-face meetings turned into Facetime meetings, most industry predictions were thrown out of the window.

Now, we’re turning our focus to the new year and look at some of the key trends we believe will define the programmatic advertising space in 2021.

Artificial intelligence was one of the key topics we included in last year’s forecast, and although 2020 certainly turned out to be a big year for AI and machine learning in programmatic, we can only see this grow further this year.

With customer journeys becoming more complex and target audiences increasingly specific, it’s becoming more and more difficult to display your ad in front of the right people at the right time. AI’s ability to identify and accurately predict buyer patterns at scale and in real-time is something that human power simply can’t live up to.

In the past, AI has been something of a buzzword, but after seeing the success early adopters have achieved after implementing AI into their programmatic strategy, more and more advertisers swear by the power it holds.

Programmatic Digital Out Of Home or DOOH refers to the automated media trading on digital out of home platforms such as billboards or signage. It’s the evolutionary offspring of one of the oldest and most traditional advertising channels; Out Of Home (OOH) advertising.

Marketeers have long struggled to bridge the customer journey gap between online/offline, and at home/outside of home. Combined with smartphone location data, Digital Out Of Home has the power to drive conversions even in the offline world.

Both DOOH and OOH digital advertising were hit hard by global lockdowns brought on by the pandemic, but the Advertising Association + Warc Expenditure report predicts that it will make a comeback in 2021 with an expected growth of 38.7%. 

Take a look at our programmatic DOOH here.

With more than 150m monthly listeners in the US alone, podcasts are becoming more and more popular.

eMarketer estimates that spend on podcast ads will double by 2022 and reach $106.5 million, and it’s not just in the US that podcasts are gaining momentum. According to WARC, 38% advertisers globally plan to boost their podcast ad spend in 2021.

We can reach users across apps such as Acast, Spotify,, Tunein, Deezer across both iOS, Android and across a range of devices including smartphones app & web as well as smart speakers and even in car.

Here at Advant Technology, we’re big fans of programmatic podcast advertising and have vast experience of running both local, national and international campaigns. Read more about our digital audio advertising solutions here.

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