Trends in programmatic 2020


2020 is an exciting year with continued growing investment in the programmatic advertising space. Millions of apps, sites and endless formats from which to choose from. The fragmentation of media and digital touchpoints have arguably made marketers’ jobs increasingly harder. At Advant Technology we help brands and agencies navigate the complex world of programmatic through expert knowledge of ad tech platforms.

The trends we’re exploring this year include:

Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in programmatic advertising right now. We’ve seen massive uplifts of up to 40% in performance campaigns optimising towards metrics including cost per acquisition, cost per view and effective cost per click. You can explore our dedicated post here.

AI has been helping analyse the thousands of data points available to improve optimisation beyond what a human can achieve.


This fascinating technology will enable a more connected world. Speeds that can surpass 100giagabits per second is 100 times faster than 4G technology. This will enable advertisers to deliver a richer advertising experience. High-speed 5g means less buffering time for rich media and heavy high-quality video files thereby improving the user experience and potentially encouraging more advertising revenue, clearly then a huge opportunity.

Digital Audio Ads

The world’s first radio station was KDKA launched in Pittsburgh in 1920. Radio’s come a long way since then playing a huge role in how we receive our news, listen to music and more, fast forward 100 years and the US will be spending more time listening to digital audio than radio according to emarketer.

Contextual Advertising

In a post-GDPR and CCPA apocalypse, world audience data activation has many challenges. Contextual advertising technology does not use cookies or customer data and is, therefore, having a resurgence. Contextual ads use keyword and semantic technology to understand the context of the page and thus allow advertisers to deliver ads that are more relevant.  

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