Digital Out of Home Advertising

digital out of home advertising

The data led and efficient take on traditional Out of Home Advertising, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is one of the most effective ways of capturing the attention of your target audience. 

Here at Advant, we have access to millions of impressions per hour in the UK, across Europe and in the US, giving us massive scale and a platform to generate huge awareness.

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What is digital out of home advertising? 

Digital Out of Home is the evolution of traditional Out of Home (OOH) Advertising. Where OOH advertising refers to static media such as billboards or signage, DOOH uses digital billboards, signage and screens. 

It is the fastest growing type of advertising and you have probably come across these types of ads at bus stops, train stations or shopping centers, or in Piccadilly Circus or Times Square. 

Programmatic DOOH takes things a bit further and can be extremely powerful as it allows advertisers to put their message across to their target audience depending on specific criteria such as time of the day, weather conditions, live events etc. It can also be paired up with mobile data to display even more specific ads.

What are the benefits of dooh advertising?
  • Brand safe 
  • Non-intrusive and engaging 
  • Dynamic and interactive
  • Increases brand awareness and trust
  • Bypasses ad fatigue 
  • Real-time
  • Offers location-based targeting

Mobile CTR increases up to
when supported by DOOH

what do we offer?

We plan, execute, and track DOOH campaigns for our clients. Here at Advant Technology “optimisation is our mantra”, and we treat DOOH no differently than a display campaign meaning we look at all the variables including location, weather and time to ensure maximum ROI for our clients. To further improve ROI, we also retarget users with additional creatives, who passed by our DOOH screens. 


For offline retailers, we can measure the success of a DOOH campaign using footfall/mobile data to determine whether a mobile device appeared in-store after being exposed to a DOOH ad. In some instances, we’re also able to track whether a purchase was made online after the DOOH ad was displayed.

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