App install Advertising

App Install Advertising

You’ve worked incredibly hard to develop your app, and it’s so great that it should be climbing the top lists on app stores. But in an increasingly competitive environment, you’ll find it difficult to grow the number of downloads even with the most well-developed app. This is when application install advertising will save the day. 

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What is app install advertising? 

This format is designed to drive app installs outside of the app store environment, most commonly on social media platforms.

The campaigns often generate results quickly and efficiently, increasing the app’s ranking in app stores.

App install campaigns also help increase organic traffic, which in turn, further increases the exposure and number of downloads.

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What are the benefits of app install advertising?
  • Increases the number of downloads 
  • Generates results quickly 
  • Boosts app store rankings
  • Allows for sophisticated and effective targeting solutions 
  • On-the-go location specific targeting 
  • High engagement rates
  • Increases organic traffic

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