Video Advertising

A guide to outstream video advertising


Ever been reading an article on an editorial site and a video ad starts playing when you scroll over it? This is outstream advertising. As they tend to feel more natural in the environment they are displayed, they are also often referred to as native video ads.

What’s so great about outstream video advertising?

  • Capable of achieving 100% viewability
  • Considered less intrusive
  • People view outstream videos for 25% longer than in-stream ads
  • The flexibility makes it compatible with nearly any publisher
  • Increases click-through rates

What is outstream video advertising?

The word outstream means that this format doesn’t need existing video content to exist. The benefit of this is that publishers don’t need to host videos within their articles to display your ad, and this opens up for a much wider range of publishers to distribute your video ad across.

This ad format offers an engaging ad experience with minimal disruption. The video only plays when the ad is in view. By default, outstream videos are played without sound to cause minimal disruption, but users who wish to engage could opt in to hear the sound.

Compared to in-stream ad format, outstream offers greater viewability and longer viewing times.

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